Who we are

Yunusov Law Professional Corporation is the law practice of Pulat Yunusov. He is a commercial litigator with experience in high-stakes claims and defences, injunctions, mediation, and arbitration. Pulat’s cases are almost always in Toronto Superiour Court and on the Commercial List.

Pulat Yunusov graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and Osgoode Hall Law School after making his way to North America in 1998. He has practiced law in Toronto since 2011. Pulat was born in the USSR.

Why is outcome more important than process? Because process must serve the client and not the other way around. Outcome is what the client wants. Process is what lawyers do to get there and how they do it. Process must serve outcome. Outcome is more important than process.

Why “we”? Because Pulat assembles a team for every case. An independent junior lawyer works with Yunusov Law on a permanent basis, and other experts and specialists are added as needed. This is a reformed and scaled traditional litigation firm model at a fraction of the cost.

Pulat’s clients are usually businesses with under $50 million in sales a year, professionals, or high net worth individuals. For such clientele, Yunusov Law is a convenient and effective way to litigate without the sticker shock of a traditional firm. We also have experience being co-counsel with a Seven Sisters firm on special litigation projects for our clients.

We have special expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Pulat authored a chapter in A Practical Guide to Smart Contracts and Blockchain Law first published by LexisNexis in 2019. We provide both litigation and advisory services in this area.

You can find out more about Pulat Yunusov on LinkedIn. Our reported cases are on Canlii, Westlaw and in other databases.

What we do

We protect our clients’ rights through lawsuits and negotiation. We focus on disputes over money, power, property, and reputation (corporate governance, contracts, property, professional negligence, leases, condo, land, debt, defamation, and fraud).

Our clients face the complexity of modern litigation. We handle it for them.

How we do it

We follow the ICE method: Investigation, Customization, Efficiency. We interview witnesses, review documents, and research the law as much as necessary to build our client’s case. We take only 10-20 cases a year so each case and each client get personal attention. We pass our low overhead and technology cost savings on to our clients in the form of probably the most competitive fees among our peers.

What clients say about us

Information about the authors of recommendations below is available on LinkedIn.

  • “Pulat has been an amazing lawyer that helped me and my company in a very complex legal case involving multiple entities. Pulat was amazing in sorting through the maze and distilling the issues into simple targets which he then solved the claims using his legal knowledge. He is a class act and a very sharp mind. He is highly recommended if you find yourself subject to complex legal claims.”

  • “Pulat was an absolute pleasure to work with. As we had no prior experience in litigation we needed to work with a lawyer that could lead us through the process, provide sound recommendations, and ultimately best represent our case in court. Our complex case, a four day trial, was ultimately successful and this was directly a result of Pulat’s preparedness, well thought out arguments, and persistence. Pulat is extremely knowledgeable, patient, organized, methodical, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Pulat to any organization looking for top notch legal counsel.”

  • “I have written this letter of reference for Pulat Yunusov in gratitude for the work he has done for our case. Pulat was our defence litigator and represented our case amicably. I have known Pulat for about a year now and have always been impressed with his intelligence, litigation ability, and unwavering determination in pursuit of his goals.”

    “Pulat is an astute lawyer with strong litigation skills. He frequently takes the initiative to find different ways and angles to push our case forward. Pulat is one of the most determined people I have ever met; willing to spend the time needed to ensure that his defence meets the highest possible standards. Pulat’s abilities have served him well and have consistently earned him the respect of every member in our company.”

    “Pulat is not only an exceptional lawyer, but his integrity, responsibility, discipline, initiative, and enthusiasm make him an exceptional person. . If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.”

  • “Pulat is a very professional lawyer, accurate and precise in his attitude, serious at all times, and puts all effort possible to the case as if it’s the only one.”

  • “Pulat represented me, as part of a larger group of condo owners, during a dispute between owners and our condo corporation. At stake was a large scale, site wide, construction project. The result was a success and was mediated out of court. Pulat’s rate was competitive and we were fairly billed. I would recommend Pulat and would use him again - although I hope I never need him!”

(Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.)

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