Yunusov Law and I as its principal lawyer continue to serve our clients. We have several trials, motions, and applications in the pipeline.

The technology revolution of 2020 changed everything. My firm has been ready since 2011 when I first resolved that my practice would be paperless.

Today this vision is close to complete fulfillment. Practically all court filing on Ontario is electronic. Service by fax has been abolished in civil proceedings. The Rules of Civil Procedure made email service so easy that it is now probably the default method of service among lawyers.

Electronic hearings and examinations for discovery work well. Countless hours in travel and waiting time have been saved for clients. I believe nothing did more for access to justice in Ontario than the digital reforms of 2020.

I want to thank our courts, the Ministry of Attorney General, and professional organizations such as the Ontario Bar Association for the great work they did in the most difficult year in modern times.