I have taken off the fax number from this website. In Ontario, service by fax under the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Small Claims court was abolished in 2021. We do not accept service by fax or any other communications by fax as of today, March 5, 2021.

It’s the end of an era and another milestone in a digital revolution our courts experienced during the COVID-19 emergency.

Until at least the end of the emergency, we also do not accept Canada Post, process server, and courier deliveries without our prior consent provided by email.

Our experience has shown that email works well in civil litigation in Ontario, resulting in shorter delays and greater costs savings for all involved. Please email us at site@lawto.ca if you have any questions.

This notice is only to inform about practices of Yunusov Law Professional Corporation, and it is not intended to be advice or guidance for anyone else.